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I write in several genres, including contemporary paranormal, contemporary & historical mysteries, and Regencies (historical) romances.  Please click on the book title for more information.

Timeline:  Sometimes it is nice to see how an author's books are related.  I've included a timeline so readers can see how my historical mysteries and romances are related. The Second Sons Inquiry Agency series has "bifurcated" into two branches with one branch following the adventures of Knighton Gaunt and Prudence Barnard and the second branch following the adventures of various other inquiry agents.

Paranormal Suspense Mysteries and Romances

Month of Judgment

A Fall of Silver

My Vampire Bodyguard

















Second Sons Inquiry Agency Regency Mysteries


Second Sons Mysteries, boxed Set


Honeymoon with Death

      book 5

The Illusion of Desire

      book 4

The Dead Man's View

      book 3

A Rose Before Dying

      book 2

The Vital Principle

      book 1


Regency Romances and Regency Romantic Mysteries

Archer Family Regencies


Love Across the Pond

    book 6 


En Garde, My Love (or Fencing for Ladies)

     book 5


A Stolen Rose

    book 4

The Earl's Masquerade

     book 3

A Lady in Hiding (aka The Bricklayer's Helper)

     book 2

The Unwanted Heiress (aka I Bid One American)

     book 1

The Necklace

     book 0.1 ~ the prequel


Regency Gothics

Christmas Spirit


Regency Romances

All She Loves, A Regency Romantic Mystery

The Thief (Included in Seasons of Love)

Christmas Mishaps (Included in Country Christmas) 

Smuggled Rose

Love, The Critic


Western Romances

The Lady and The Cowboy (Included in Hearts of the West)


Contemporary Mysteries/Suspense



Short Stories

Flashes: Sometimes the perfect home isn't so perfect...

Silence is Concurrence: A Southern ghost short story
When Kate asks to hear a ghost story, she gets more than she bargained for

Outrageous Behavior: When etiquette fails, Outrageous Behavior prevails! 
A sweet Regency short story.
Published in 2009 by The Wild Rose Press

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews, and Long and Short Reviews gave Outrageous Behavior 4.5 stars and nominated it for best story of the week!

The poor heroine faces a terrible dilemma:  follow the dictates of proper decorum, or throw the etiquette book out the window and take a chance at finding true love.

Rose Wars is a free read from The Wild Rose Press.  I had a blast writing this historical short story and since it's absolutely free, I hope you'll check it out. 

Even an all-out Rose War can't stop love...  Mary doesn't mind stealing her father's rose cuttings if it grants her time with Lord Stafford.  But when a rose war starts between the two men, her dreams nearly wither.  Defying her father's commands, Mary sets out to discover which Lord Stafford loves most: her or her father's coveted roses.



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