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Love, The Critic

Published 2011
Available through:, Smashwords

Elizabeth Tate once dreamed of being a poet—until her first volume of poetry received scathing reviews from someone known only as The Critic.  Now, she simply wants to forget she ever wrote a single word.  And she’s willing to consider an offer of marriage from a man she’s never met, her neighbor, Alexander Jameson, Marquess of Langley if it will let her close the door on her past, forever.  Unfortunately, she soon discovers Alexander has such high standards that no one could possibly be good enough for him.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn he is The Critic who mocked her work. 

But Alexander knows Elizabeth’s true worth, both as a poet and a woman.  And he sets out to prove to her that excellence—and love—are both worth striving for.


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