Amy Corwin

Smuggled Rose

Published:  2007

Publisher Line:  Cotillion
Publisher:  Cerridwen Press

 Formats:  e-book and paperback from the publisher and

A cynical earl and a rose smuggler are an unlikely pair.  Particularly when the smuggler is a woman the earl owes for saving his feckless brother’s life.

Nonetheless, Michael, the earl of Ramsgate, is determined to repay his family’s debt by presenting Margaret at Court—an action calculated to repair even the worst reputation.  But Margaret is suspicious that Michael’s intentions aren’t entirely honorable, despite the certainty in her heart that she can trust him.  The trouble is, Michael isn’t too sure himself when his feelings for her threaten to overcome his self-control.

Then, as the tension between them flares, an old enemy bent on revenge returns to challenge Michael’s iron determination to prove he is capable of both love and honor.

What the critics are saying about SMUGGLED ROSE--

The Romantic Times gave Smuggled Rose 4 stars in the June 2008 issue of their magazine, The Romantic Times Book Reviews.  Here are a few lines from their review:

Corwin's wonderful story is much like the traditional Regencies that readers sorely miss.  The hero and heroine are a fine match, and the secondary characters add a lot to the story.  The ending is exciting and quite nicely done...

The Romance Studio gave Smuggled Rose  4.5 hearts and you can read the entire review on their website: TRS Smuggled Rose Review

Overall rating: Here is what The Romance Studio had to say about Smuggled Rose...

Ms. Amy Corwin has done a delightful job of describing her characters--both the major ones and the family members and other acquaintances. These characters, while attracted to each other, had personal baggage which Ms. Corwin handled well and in such a manner that it seemed as if I was part of the plot. This first novel by Ms. Corwin revealed her abilities to grip the reader’s attention and blend several sub-plots into the main love story and still manage to make it easy to follow. The ending might be predictable; however, getting there was quite a surprise!

I highly recommend anyone who loves historical romance read this book; you will definitely not be disappointed. Great first work by the author! She is definitely one to watch for!

---The Romance Studio

Romance Reviews Today also gave Smuggled Rose an excellent review (thank you so much!) and you can read the entire text at: Smuggled Rose Review.  Here is the summary...

With precise attention to not only societal rules but also characterization, Amy Corwin has authored a riveting traditional Regency romance that packs a lot of punch.  Rich with the romanticism of the era that appeals to this reader, SMUGGLED ROSE is a sumptuous tale of love and learning to trust.  In the past several months, I have come to enjoy the traditional Regencies that Cerridwen Press is intent on bringing back, and I can only say that this is the perfect example of a sorely missed genre.

Add SMUGGLED ROSE to your collection as soon as possible.
--Romance Review Today


Michael Peyton, the Earl of Ramsgate, tries to convince Margaret to go for a walk, against her better judgment.

Once more, as she took a step toward the door, the earl thwarted her departure. He gripped her wrist and held it, apparently oblivious to her flinching. A flutter of panic thrashed in her chest. The earl did not immediately release her when she gazed up at him, but instead waited calmly for her to cease tugging.

 His deceptively sleepy eyes remained fixed on her face. “Wait, won’t you join us? There is plenty,” he asked.

 “No. I must see to other matters.” She felt a flush shimmer up the hollow of her throat.

 The earl’s gaze never wavered, and Margaret realized suddenly that he still had hold of her wrist. Although her chest was tight, she straightened. However, he was not threatening her, and his blue eyes were as mild as a summer morning.

 The light press of his thumb was curiously soothing when she stopped pulling, so she stood still and waited while her tension subsided. A second later, he released her. Oddly enough, she felt warm and in some strange way, calmer. She glanced back into his eyes and then looked away, mistrusting the satisfied look in their depths.

 “You will walk with me?” he asked.

 Sighing, she shook her head but couldn’t prevent a smile. “Are all the Peytons as stubborn as you? I’ll try to make time for a brief walk, but I promise nothing.”

 The thought flashed through her mind that there were many ways for a rake to seduce a woman, and not all of them were as violent as Bridgewater’s methods. The earl was part of the same set as the baron. He was a member of the Fancy and it would not do for her to forget it.

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