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Her Vampire Bodyguard

Her Vampire BodyguardPublication date:  October 2015
(Previously published by The Wild Rose Press in 2010 as Vampire Protector)

A frightened woman must unlock her memories if she's to survive the deadly company of her Vampire Protector...

An anonymous note forces Gwen on a mission to remember an ancient family secret that may be hidden in her long abandoned childhood home. When she asks her handsome neighbor, John, to accompany her, she’s not expecting much, except possibly help if she falls through any rotten floors.

Unfortunately, that's her first mistake.

John is a vampire, and her house is not exactly empty. Secrets—and the dead—won’t always stay buried, and John’s extraordinary strength and determination may be all that can withstand what awaits them in the shadows...

Memories may mean survival, but will they help her resist her vampire protector?   

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Reviews (NOTE: These reviews were written for the original edition, Vampire Protector, that was published by The Wild Rose Press in 2010):

Nocturne Romance
says "Vampire Protector is without a doubt one of the best paranormal romance novels of 2010, as it has all the makings of a great book, it has an original plot, interesting characters, and a well developed relationship between the main characters. Paranormal romance fans, who are looking for a paranormal romance novel that isn't generic should definitely read Vampire Protector..." Check out the full review!

The Romance Review Romantic Times gives Vampire Protector 4 stars!




     In this very brief passage, Gwen and John are exploring her abandoned, childhood home.  To their dismay, they discover it is not as empty as they expected…

As she fumbled with a gun, another figure filled the doorway. Its eyes gleamed seductively silver in the wavering light. Then it blinked, its face registering shock. The vampire took a step back.

“John?” she called.


A quick glance to her right revealed him standing near the bed, holding his blade in his hand. The metal was stained and dark.

Clicking more rounds into place, she studied the doorway. The vampire in the hallway seemed to stare past her shoulder. Then, inexplicably, it melted away into the shadows filling the corridor.

“Gwen, come here—toward me,” John said. His voice was oddly calm and overlaid with that false, brittle heartiness police adopt when trying to talk a suicidal jumper down from the ledge.

He stared over her shoulder as he slid his sword into his belt.

An intense, frigid wave cascaded down her back.

Her fingers fumbled over the curved trigger guard. Her joints ached with cold. She could scarcely feel the smooth metal trigger.

Jesus Christ in Heaven, what is behind me?

Holding out his hand, he said, “Right now! For God’s sake, Gwen, don’t look back. Just come toward me. Now!”

For those who'd like a longer excerpt, here is the link to the entire first chapter: Her Vampire Bodyguard Chapter 1




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