Amy Corwin


All She LovesAll She Loves

Published: Jan 2017
A Regency Romantic Mystery

If she fails to listen to her heart, she may lose all she loves.

Attending a party at the manor house of her childhood friend, Lord Chiswick, Elspeth is resigned to yet another matchmaking attempt by Lady Chiswick when she is introduced to the handsome Earl of Westmarch. But Elspeth barely has a chance to strengthen the defenses of her wayward heart when they receive terrible news. Lord Chiswick is dead--thrown from his horse. Elspeth is aghast. How could such an accident have happened? He was an expert horseman, riding along a well-known path; it all seems impossible. Then, she finds a bloodstained stone near the scene of the accident and recalls the contest they'd all participated in the previous day. Several of the guests, and Lady Chiswick, were excellent marksmen with a sling and similar stones.


It isn't hard to conclude that Chiswick's accident was no accident. One of them use the sling to murder him. But who? Chiswick's cold but beautiful wife? One of the other guests? The earl? Elspeth can't believe any of them were responsible, particularly the attractive earl, who has somehow managed to breach her defenses with his devastating smile. But someone aimed that stone at Chiswick, and Elspeth sets out to discover the truth, no matter how painful it may prove to be.


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