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Whacked! coverPublication Date: Fall, 2012

Cassie's hopes for a quiet vacation go up in smoke when she discovers her uncle sharing a smoke with a dead body.   

Love can make anyone crazy, but Cassie, a stressed-out computer expert, has always chosen logic over that uncomfortable emotion. This is, until in a weak moment, she agrees to housesit for her aunt and uncle. Within minutes of her arrival, she finds a murdered man. And her uncle is inexplicably determined to implicate himself. Cold logic suggests he’s hiding something and Cassie isn’t going to let him get arrested without a fight. Unfortunately, her past history with the sheriff makes him all too happy to accept her uncle’s guilt.

But love is supposed to overcome all obstacles, not create them, and Cassie refuses to let a ridiculous emotion stand in the way of logic.

 Too bad Cassie is about to discover just how far people will go for love.

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