Amy Corwin


En Garde, My LoveEn Garde, My Love

(or Fencing for Ladies)

Published: 2016
Archer Family Regency Series: Book 5

Defying Society's dictates may cost Lady Olivia everything, including love.   

Defying Societyís strictures, Lady Olivia decides to open a fencing school for ladies, even if she must agree to a betrothal to the insipid man of her family's choosing. But tragedy strikes the day before her school opens. Lady Olivia discovers a dead body in her office and the evidence points to her. When scandal erupts and her betrothed demands that she close the academy, Lady Olivia turns to a dashing fencing master, Lord Milbourn, for help.


Torn between her growing love for the enigmatic Lord Milbourn and her promises to her betrothed, Lady Olivia is determined to fight for her heartís desire, whatever the cost.

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