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A Fall of Silver

A Fall of Silver CoverPublished: Jan 2013

A woman bent on the destruction of all vampires discovers redemption in the arms of an ex-priest determined to save the undead.   


Their secrets are about to catch up with them.

The only good vampire is a dead vampire: that’s Quicksilver’s philosophy, and she sees no reason to change it. In fact, she’s about to kill one of the undead when Kethan confronts her, promising peace between vampires and humans if both sides agree to end the slaughter.

But Quicksilver knows that’s not going to happen.

Someone is killing humans and vampires alike, and sweet words aren’t going to end the nightmare.

When the killings awaken dark secrets from Quicksilver’s past, she’s not about to repeat her previous mistake of trusting the wrong person. But love seems to stand in the way and she's going to have to choose between her heart's desire and silencing the horror, forever.


Note to readers who are curious about the title: The title has to do with the weapons the heroine, Quicksilver, carries. She uses specially crafted whips to defend herself against the undead and the "fall" is the part of a whip near the end. It's usually about 24" long and the "popper" or "cracker" at the very tip is attached to the fall. Whips are incredibly accurate and even deadly in the hands of an expert and Quicksilver is definitely an expert.


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Two vampires bracketing a human girl left the narrow circle of light and blended into the shadows of the alley. Quicksilver crossed the street and broke into a run, her heart thudding in her chest.

Swerving around the corner, she didn’t stop until she caught sight of them. They stood at the far end of the alleyway. A rusting chain-link fence sagged behind them, creating a dead end.

Even if Kathy had realized her mistake now, she couldn’t escape. The eight-foot fence blocked the way.

Quicksilver’s breathing grew harsh and fast as she hesitated, balanced on the balls of her feet. The rank odor of spoiled milk and rotting meat from the trash littering the narrow alley caught in her throat. The oily stench seeped through the air. It saturated her clothing and hair with the foulness trapped between the brick walls. She swallowed a cough and quietly moved forward.

The blond vampire put his arms around Kathy. Her hands rested on his chest as she stared into his face, mesmerized by his gaze. The second creature stood nearby, his shoulder against the fence, waiting.

Just like Carlos and Carol. Anger thrummed in her head at the memory of her own personal Hell.

A rat skittered along the wall, disturbed by her light tread. At the sound, the

second vampire glanced her way. He chuckled and gestured to his companion before striding forward, his steps springy with self-assurance.

“Kathy!” Quicksilver reached behind her back. Her fingers gripped the cool metal handle of a whip.

“Your friend is occupied,” the dark-haired vampire replied. His eyes flickered over her. She could feel his interest quicken along with his stride. “Come—leave your friend to Jason.” He held out his hand. “I’m Tyler—why don’t you and I talk—”

“Let’s not.” She flicked her whip, uncoiling it with a sharp snap. The silver fall uncoiled and flashed in the darkness. “Kathy, come here! These men are dangerous!”

“Who are you supposed to be? Wonder Woman?” Tyler gestured at her whip and grinned. His loose-limbed walk closed the distance before she could blink. His eyes glittered with a feral, crimson light in the darkness.

“I’m not interested in justice.” She glanced over his shoulder, focusing on the girl. “Kathy, get away from him! Now!”

Kathy made no response. She gazed at Jason, so entranced that she showed no sign of hearing the urgent warning. With eerie grace, she tilted her head to one side and exposed her long, white neck. Blank docility smoothed her face. Her pale pink lips curved in an uncomprehending smile.

“Kathy!” Quicksilver’s throat tightened. She knew the pain of those teeth…. “Please, Kathy!”

Tyler laughed. One pale hand pressed melodramatically over his heart. “She’s found true love.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s found.”

“Give her another minute. She’ll find out.” The vampire halted just a few yards away. His dark gaze examined her with the clinical detachment of a butcher eyeing an unexpected, but not unwanted, delivery of beef.

An expectant hush whispered around them.

She couldn’t allow Kathy, hardly more than a child, to suffer the pain the vampire threatened.

Fury surged upward, taking over her mind as logic vanished. She cracked the whip above his head.

Tyler’s gaze snapped upward, following the arc of the silver lash. A smile still curved his lips when she flicked her wrist again.

The thin coil wrapped around his neck.

“You can’t hurt me with a whip—”

“Really?” She yanked.



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